ON THE BEACH / experimental film (installation)

Technique: Film 4K / gallery projection, cinema projection
Duration: 24 min (loop version 21 min)

Year: 2016


A single frame. Sea, sky, and a beach. And many people who are headed somewhere. Some are looking for something, some are waiting for something. Some are quiet, some are talking. Some are by themselves, some are in the company of others, and some aren't here. Some can hear something, others pretend they do. Some aren't certain whether they've seen all of this before, others think that things used to be different. Some are looking for something better, while others are sitting in the cinema, watching them leave.

  • Director: Goran Škofić
    Screenplay: Jasna Žmak, Goran Škofić
  • Assistant director: Juraj Lerotić
  • Director of Photography: Raul Brzić
  • Sound design: Martin Semenčić
  • Color correction: Borko Grujić, Bold Studio
  • Producer: Igor Grubić
  • Line producer: Tena Gojić 
  • Co-financed by Croatian Audiovisual Centre 



Stills from the film



Photo documentation
Installation set-up at the Pogon JEDINSTVO, Zagreb, Croatia


One minute extract from the film On the Beach