SHOOTING / two-channel video installation

Technique: Video Full HD, collage, manipulated image, animation
Duration: 5:45 min, loop

Two projections are set against one another. On the one side, there is a shooter aiming, while on the other there are small figures, his targets, getting shot one by one.

In cooperation with: Ivan Arnold, sound master

Photo documentation
Set-up in Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia





Photo documentation 1
set-up of exhibition in T-ht at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia




Video documentation

Video documentation
Set-up at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

The work Shooting is part of the video series White. 

The human figure, the artist himself, is shown as a sign on the white surface without objects, set on the ground with no support, within a rectangular cut of the frame in the abstract field of the world of image. This loss of a "centre" is the loss of support - optical, moral, symbolic, or physical/material, manifested as a symbolic loss of ground under one's feet. 

Thanks to: AirAntwerpen, Felix de Clerck, Wouter Van der Hallen, Peter Ratray, Branka Benčić, Igor Zelić, Dragan Šiša